2015.7.19 (Sun) 東京 新宿御苑 Papera / Papera @ Shinjuku Gyoenmae,Tokyo

【 Live from the Kitchen Disco Volume 15 】

[Act] MOLICE, Starring,The Watanabes, Arthur Pentameter,
         Gregg, Snazz Smoke, Thief

[ Open / Start ] 18:00 / 18:30

[ Ticket ]  FREE

[ info ]  新宿御苑 Papera TEL: 03-5979-6271

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    皆さまをお待ちしています!  入場無料! 
  The second year of the Kitchen Disco is now in full swing.
    Check out the incredible lineup that will be on hand
    to stimulate your aural pleasure centres.
    Throw in Papera's mouthwatering menu of fine food
    and thirst-quenching drinks and you have the perfect recipe
    for a night to remember.
    As always entrance is FREE! FREE! FREE!